Your best life in more ease and joy?

Do you also want to live your best life in more ease and joy? Do you want to raise your own vibration for a fulfilled life, despite all adverse circumstances?
Then I welcome you to The LightFlow!

The LightFlow brings you into your flow!

Here you will find many opportunities for healing, transformation and growth. The LightFlow is a safe subtle space where you can transform and dissolve your blockages, at your own pace. A space that I have created and share with you so that you can raise your vibration. This space will inspire you, enlighten you, lighten you and bring you into your own flow. Here I support you to live your best life in more ease and abundance – despite all adverse circumstances.

What do you get from my work?

I reactivate the perception for your essence within you. When you then sense, feel and hear your voice, your life gets a meaningful focus. My unique selling point is my quick perception, my analytical skills combined with my subtle perception. Through these gifts it is possible for me to recognize blockages in all areas of your being, i.e. on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and finally to dissolve them quickly and effectively. The dissolution happens through forces activated in me, which I direct specifically to the problems and blockages. In this way, a strongly accelerated transformation and healing process develops in a short time, in which you usually feel immediate relief, often accompanied by deep insights and aha-moments. In this way, more understanding for your situation can develop, whereby understanding is power, so that old patterns no longer have to repeat themselves. Freedom, lightness and joy of life are the result and simply the feeling of being one step ahead. Many report feeling lighter and brighter, able to see more clearly – life suddenly becomes a friend and solutions are more tangible.

You are important!

I wish to accompany you on your journey to your best self, so that you can heal and blossom and finally radiate your essence into the world. Because you are so important to make this world a better place.

My name is Andrea Tap. I am a mother of two grown children and have been working successfully as a healer and hypnotherapist, author, spiritual mentor and coach for many years.

I am looking forward to meeting you!
Feel free to check out my offerings – I can’t wait to welcome you to The LightFlow. During a non-binding conversation we will find out together what is right for you.

Cordially, Andrea

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