Here are voices of some of my wonderful participants

About The Lightflow

When I close my eyes at the beginning of the LightFlow, it’s as if I’m boarding a space shuttle…excitingly, from that moment on I can give myself away in confidence, feel carried and let the energies flow through me and around me. It’s like a speed cure, a refreshment, an express connection, a stepping out for about 60 minutes from everything that usually occupies me, a cleansing, a clearing, a refuelling… And when I open my eyes again, it’s like coming back from a journey.

Nicola F., Therapist & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Hamburg

During the subtle LightFlow I experience the most diverse things: sometimes a pleasant “nothingness”, sometimes a tingling and light in the body and sometimes very beautiful and powerful images suddenly arise in my mind. And I always return relaxed and with a little smile full of gratitude!

Heike M., Alternative practitioner, Hamburg

Andrea’s Lightflow sessions have brought about real transformations in me. During the session my frequency rose noticeably and I was able to perceive my “divine being”, my essence, naturally and at the same time unpleasant parts of me showed up and left. What remains is a wonderful lightness and joy, which I wish for every being. I recommend Andrea from deepest conviction and personal experience. Through Andrea’s Lightflow sessions I experience again and again a great liberation from “old burdens” and a great lightness and joy fills me. Not infrequently I even experience real bliss.

Petra P., Coach, Berlin

About The T.A.P.-Healing

In my Corona illness, I was initially afraid I would die, even though I had a mild course. Andrea guided me through it on all levels in such a trusting way that I was able to accept this time and enjoy it even after 3 days. I knew everything would be okay. And so, it was.

Petra P., Coach, Berlin

Andrea is a special and truly gifted healer. Her intuitive ability combined with her gentle and caring presence is a gift to all who meet her. She was able to give me access to new dimensions of healing and open me up to more of who I am. I highly recommend her.

Linda K., Psychologist, Capetown

I made use of Andrea’s T.A.P. Healing because I was been dealing with anxiety for a ¾ year. The treatment could be done from home without any problems – that means I was in Munich and Andrea in her practice in Hamburg. I was very open to the treatment and felt completely at ease with Andrea even before the first session. After the first three sessions, I felt a clear difference a little later – my anxiety was no longer so present, and I was able to better reflect and perceive my myself. After each session I had a 20-minute conversation with Andrea, in which she told me exactly what she had “seen”, what she “did” and what I needed to work on. These conversations have given me so much insight and strength to continue to fight and believe in myself. When you are ready to change something yourself, Andrea gives you the tools you need to get there. I am very glad that fate brought us together and will continue to use her therapy. I highly recommend Andrea – I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without her! Thank you, Andrea!

Luca, S., Munich

So grateful for the loving and sensitive support full of the highest energy vibrations! 1.5 years ago, life suddenly stopped – emergency room, suspected stroke…. Fortunately, everything went well, it remained a suspected stroke. Then came the emptiness and the helplessness – how to go on without “going on like this”, but with a clear “never again”. Then I had the great luck to find Mrs. Tap, for which I am very grateful! She helps – with clear objectives to journey wither clients to „self-awareness”, to “self-help” and to „really-being-happy-“. Whether via conversation, via dissolving energetic blockages via hypnosis or or – she without fail, intuitively and sensitively finds the right tool for every occasion. In the last 1.5 years I have made a lot of progress on the way to me and my “happiness” – and I am so looking forward to the next stages! Dear Mrs. Tap, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Katja S., Manager, Hamburg

About T.A.P.-Coaching

Andrea has the gift of finding the hidden, sore points in me and making me aware of them. In her open, loving and very clear presence it is easy for me to look closely and recognise the cause. No sooner have I become aware of what is happening inside me than healing takes place. Time no longer plays a role. A session with Andrea is the quickest and most effective key to recognising, accepting and dissolving my unlovable issues.

Petra P., Coach. Berlin

When your mind is stuck and your thoughts are on a roller coaster, it’s high time for a session with Andrea Tap. Andrea listens, gives space, asks the right questions and already movement comes into the system. If she then unpacks her transformation tools, deep-seated entanglements, old patterns, and other things are released on an intangible but very tangible level. The inner order is restored, the energy flows. And suddenly the solution is there, the way is paved, and blockages are released. I can absolutely recommend The Light Flow with meditations and hypnoses as a valuable supplement.

Sandra S., Coach, Bad Kissingen

‘I have to say, it all finally feels somehow right, it’s really amazing! I feel a completely different openness and clarity. I would like to thank you again very much, I have you and everything you have said in my mind always a little bit with me and I also read your wonderful book… and I feel like I am carried or wrapped up by everything at the moment. That is really very very beautiful!

Gudrun S., Alternative practitioner, Hamburg

About the Workshop

Hypnosis Workshop ‘I am enough’

I have often heard in the past that hypnosis works effectively, but I have not always believed it. As I trust my therapist Andrea Tap unconditionally, it was clear that I would take part. ‘I am enough.’ A simple sentence that was to anchor itself powerfully in me… During the session, tears flowed as I became aware that I was everything, but not enough for myself. What I was unconsciously missing suddenly became visible, my whole being came out more, especially the search for lightness in relation to my own person. Fears, insecurities turned into my own acceptance and recognition and what surprised me most was the response from friends and acquaintances who asked me if I was in love because I seemed content and radiant. For so many years I was searching for the last piece of the puzzle, what I didn’t feel, driven to attend one workshop after another, so that finally my heart’s desires would come true and things would go in the right direction. Then I realised that I myself am the missing piece of the puzzle in this whole that I was looking for on the outside to finally arrive, to be happy. Now it is gradually coming to the surface… I feel much lighter, calmer and more secure after the exercises Andrea gave me. I am who I am and that is so enough – yeah! Thank you very much, dear Andrea, for the most beautiful gift!

Clara A., Psychologist, Hamburg

‘In the workshop “I am enough” I was able to dissolve a whole series of experiences that I wanted to pin down why I am not enough. Since then I feel much more comfortable with myself and can show myself more authentically.

Petra P., Coach, Berlin

My self-esteem has solidified in depth. In everyday life, I have concretely felt in which situations I would like to stand up for myself better or perhaps even don’t need to. My inner critic has become much quieter. I can be kinder to myself and my shortcomings. Feelings of lack have become rarer, a lighter and more resilient basic attitude is developing. I am mentally clearer and more straightforwardly oriented. During the last few months I have also done many other meditations from Buddhist tradition, specifically also exercises on compassion, constant change, self-compassion, calming mind and body, etc. This has certainly come together and complemented each other very well.

Dagmar R., Artist, Hamburg
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