Andrea Tap is a mother of two grown-up children. She worked as a freelance communication designer for 10 years before she started her own practice as a certified alternative practitioner and hypnotherapist. 

For over 25 years she has continued her education in the fields of medicine, psychology, spirituality, and energy work.

Andrea has diplomas in communication design, medicine (state certified alternative practitioner), hypnotherapy, homeopathy, Reiki, Solution Focused Brief Therapy according to Steve de Shazer, Deep Field Relaxation®, Reconnective Healing®, Reconnection®, Kundalini Yoga, Quantum Healing and many more.

In 2021 her first book ‘The LightFlow – do you want to be happy in life…?’ was published.

Her professional work is always related to the healing of body, mind and spirit. Her special talent lies in her quick perception of where exactly the cause of the problem lies. Her vast knowledge in the fields of medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, psychology, and quantum healing enables her to bring about rapid healing on all levels.

Her clients of all ages include entrepreneurs, psychologists, doctors, managers, coaches, and healers worldwide.

Andrea’s Story

My spiritual path began at the age of 17, when I was looking for the meaning of life and couldn’t find it. I felt like I was living in a dark cloud; everything was exhausting, and I decided that I didn’t want to spend my whole life like that. Rather, I would say goodbye to this world. At that point, I was going to school and barely speaking to anybody. 

Answers through people and books
Suddenly, I encountered people and books that brought me answers. At that time, I was already concerned with depth psychological topics, religion and spirituality, which was not very common at that time. I did so much inner work- I was already meditating a lot at that time and suddenly I got a message that brought me even more on my way. 

The voice said: ‘Come out of duality into oneness!’
This message was: ‘Come out of duality into oneness!’ I did not know what was meant by this. Nevertheless, I felt the power behind these words and knew that I was not alone. My inner darkness gradually dissipated. People came and went, often leaving behind valuable insights. 

Spirituality and energies
I could see life as a journey to myself, a journey into oneness, into a higher vibration. A vibration higher than the one that creates my suffering. This inner voice that reached me in my darkest hours never left me. In fact, it became clearer and more present. Even though I rarely spoke about it in my younger years, and as a young mother and self-employed designer I did not communicate my inner worlds much, I always had a great need to deal with spirituality and energies. If only to make myself feel better. 

Followed my inner voice
This is exactly why I completed my Reiki Grades I and II in my early 20’s. I went to hypnotherapy regularly for many years as a young mother, to dissolve intergenerational or inherited blockages that I had brought with me, and not to unconsciously transmit them to my children. In this way I was blessed to recognize myself more and more, to travel other dimensions and to accept my gifts. Many other healing methods were to help me as well, such as Deep Field Relaxation®, Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection®, Kundalini Yoga etc. I simply followed my inner voice.

My own essence
Many years passed until I trusted myself to start the healing practitioner training and to put myself in the service of helping others. From then on, I felt that my powers became stronger and stronger and I grew more and more into my potential. This is still the case today and I know that this path will never end. I am infinitely grateful to have listened to that voice back then. That voice that I now know everyone can hear within themselves. It is the inner wisdom, the light, the unlimited intelligence, God, essence or whatever you want to name this energy. Access to it only needs to be uncovered. Then we come back from duality into oneness. A beautiful journey in the midst of challenges and chaos in this world of duality.

The path becomes free
In my Healing and Coaching Sessions, I individually clear the path and show you how to connect with your wonderful essence and follow your voice. I help you to reconnect with your true voice, your power, and your best self. This power is inside you all the time and is just waiting to be rediscovered by you.
T.A.P. Healing and T.A.P. Coaching

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