How can one imagine an energetic TheLightflow? you might ask yourself…

This is a good question because many believe they have to do something for it. Now comes the good news: for the energetic TheLightflow you simply rest, relax and let the energy flow.

Quantum healing anywhere in the world

I use the techniques of remote treatment that I have been using very successfully for many years through’ ‘Deep Field Relaxation®’ and ‘Reconncetive Healing®’ and I have developed my own technique with my T.A.P. frequencies.

We are all connected via the so-called morphogenetic as well as the quantum field, so that the energies are felt  in any place in the world. The only thing that is needed is your permission, and the light can flow…Only the permission of you is necessary and it can start already…

Wonderful flow in light and lightness

At a fixed time, I activate my T.A.P. frequencies and you are brought into a higher vibration for about 45 minutes, so that a completely new energy flow can occur. The inner light now shines even stronger, your own life and the lives of others around you are lifted by these frequencies – your aura glows, the perspective changes. It is literally a flow in light and lightness, always supporting your individual process.

With light and lightness into a new and awakened consciousness

These TheLightflows take place at irregular intervals, mostly at special cosmic constellations, in order to use energy portals and let them flow in. I announce the dates via the WhatsApp group and the newsletter. (If you are interested, please contact me.) 

How it came to TheLightFlow:

In 2020, the Corona Pandemic surprised us with its first lockdown. All events and \face to face workshops had to be cancelled. The fears and insecurities grew and so I made a virtue out of necessity: I called the subtle TheLightFlows into being… Every workshop participant could now stay at home and receive transformation and healing over distance, depending on individual needs.

Since I have been offering energetic healing work in my practice for many years and so also remote treatments, I knew how effective this connection via the subtle field can be. However, it was new for me to ‘treat’ a group, with everyone receiving a short individual ‘treatment’.

These subtle TheLightFlows had different effects on everyone, just as everyone is different. But almost everyone noticed changes in their own way in the form of relaxation, lightness, and also profound spiritual transformation – the feedback was and it continues to be amazing and surprisingly positive for me as well….

My heart’s desire: recognize your inner power, shine!

So, I continued and offered these light and easy flows to a steadily growing group every now and then. Especially when the times required it, and I could contribute to a way of managing these special times.

Parallel to this I developed my Zoom workshops, which proved to be a very good alternative to the presence workshops. And so, I offer the Zoom workshops and energetic TheLightFlows with much commitment and dedication. Because my heart’s desire is, despite all adverse circumstances, limitations, and collective fears, to recognize the inner power and to glide with light and ease into a new and awakened consciousness.

Are you joining me? I would be so happy!

‘During the energetic LightFlow, I experience the most different things: sometimes a soothing “nothingness”, sometimes a tingling and light in the body and sometimes very beautiful and powerful images suddenly arise in my mind. And I always return relaxed and with a little smile full of gratitude!

Heike M., alternative practitioner, Hamburg

When I close my eyes at the beginning of the LightFlow, it’s like I’m boarding a space shuttle…excitingly, from that moment on, I can surrender in trust, feel carried and let the energies flow through me and around me. It’s like a speed cure, a refreshment, an express connection, a stepping out for about 60 minutes from all that otherwise occupies me, a cleansing, a clearing, a refueling… And when I open my eyes again, it’s as if I came back from a journey‘.

Nicola F., Therapist & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Hamburg
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