Healing on a holistic level

The T.A.P.-Healing is a form of healing on a holistic level, where T.A.P. is not only my name, but is an abbreviation for Transformation, Ascension and Progress.

Transformation, Ascension and Progress

Everything my work is about has to do with these three terms – when we transform ourselves and dissolve our old patterns and blocks, we are able to ascend into a higher frequency and bring our individual progress and true self into the world. We are able to recognize ourselves, to awaken and to live our highest potential – in ease and joy of life!

Illness is loss of divine harmony

When we are sick, we have deviated from our divine nature and lost our balance, probably a long time ago. Due to my long experience as a therapist for naturopathy and hypnotherapy as well as a Deep Field Relaxation® Practitioner, Reconnective Healing® or The Reconnection® Practitioner, Kundalini Yogi and last but not least due to my further development, my very own approach to healing emerged over time.

Dissolving Blockades

Through my discriminating perception I am able to recognize subtle blockages and dissolve them effectively and sustainably. Often these blockages in different effects are the cause that transformation, healing and therefore progress are not possible.

Reconnection to your own essence

The T.A.P.-Healing always refers to a healing in a holistic sense, because only in a healthy body can also live a healthy mind and vice versa. Thus, the word ‘being-healed’ means ‘being-whole’ in my understanding. T.A.P.-Healing can – over time – release blockages and obstructions and lead the person back into his own power and his divine original state, in which he can heal himself.

‘In my Corona illness, I was initially afraid I would die, even though I had a mild course. Andrea guided me through it on all levels in such a trusting way that I was able to accept this time and enjoy it even after 3 days. I knew everything would be okay. And so, it was.’

Petra P., Coach, Berlin

Andrea is a special and truly gifted healer. Her intuitive ability combined with her gentle and caring presence is a gift to all who meet her. She was able to give me access to new dimensions of healing and open me up to more of who I am. I highly recommend her.

Linda, Psychologist, Cape Town

Presence – or distance healing

I offer The T.A.P.-Healing in different forms. On the one hand there is the possibility to book an appointment with me in my practice. On the other hand, I also offer remote healing – here the location does not matter. We are all connected through the morphogenetic field, but also through the quantum field. The moment I have permission for a T.A.P. healing, the connection is established. This kind of treatment is just as effective as an in-person treatment and is very popular all over the world.

If you are interested, please contact me without obligation – by email or phone, so that we can briefly discuss the basic problem. After a short assessment and consultation, we can then make an appointment.

I am looking forward to meeting you! 

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