Consulting on a holistic level

The T.A.P.-Coaching is a form of counseling and transformation on a holistic level. TAP is not only my name, but is an abbreviation for Transformation, Ascension and Progress.

Transformation, Ascension and Progress

Through our own transformation of our blockages and impediments, such as old patterns, beliefs, external energies and more, we manage to be more and more in touch with our highest and best self. We awaken to our highest potential and can be permanently in a higher vibration – which means that life feels easier and happier. And that challenges of this world are mastered with more serenity. That is the goal of my work: to be able to live in this world with joy and to be able to continuously develop ourselves. Transformation-Ascension-Progress!

Aha-experiences and deep insights

The T.A.P.-Coaching is a very individual consultation, in which I listen and listen very carefully to my client. Due to my intuitive perception and my capacity for higher-level connections, it is often possible for me to bring my clients very quickly and effectively into solution spaces that were previously closed to them. Aha experiences and deep insights are often the result and lead to a new perspective on the overall situation, so that a transformative process is set in motion.

‘Andrea has the gift of detecting the hidden, sore points in me and making me aware of them. In her open, loving and very clear presence, it is easy for me to look closely and see the root cause. No sooner have I become aware of what is taking place in me than healing happens. Time no longer plays a role. A session with Andrea is the fastest and most effective key to recognizing, accepting, and resolving my unlovable issues.’

Petra P., Coach, Berlin

‘When your mind is stuck and your thoughts are on a roller coaster, it’s high time for a session with Andrea Tap. Andrea listens, gives space, asks the right questions and already movement comes into the system. If she then unpacks her transformation tools, deep-seated entanglements, old patterns, and other things are released on an intangible but very tangible level. The inner order is restored, the energy flows. And suddenly the solution is there, the way is paved, and blockages are released. I can absolutely recommend The Light Flow with meditations and hypnoses as a valuable supplement.’

Sandra S., Coach, Bad Kissingen

‘I have to say, it all finally feels somehow right, it’s really amazing! I feel a completely different openness and clarity. I would like to thank you again very much, I have you and everything you have said in my mind always a little bit with me and I also read your wonderful book… and I feel like I am carried or wrapped up by everything at the moment. That is really very very beautiful!’

Gudrun S., alternative practitioner, Hamburg

Better attitude towards life

These very intuitively guided coaching sessions then lead to an increase in the vibrational frequency and thus to a significantly better attitude towards life. The desired progress and success in all life situations can be achieved with greater ease and joy.

The T.A.P.-Coaching can be booked in my practice as a presence appointment as well as a Zoom Meeting. 

If you are interested, please contact me without obligation – by email or phone, so that we can briefly discuss the basic problem. After a short assessment and consultation, we can then arrange an appointment.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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